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Found 7 results

  1. Only on OneSync, after I fix a car, when the person gets in the car, their back windows break, they don't see or hear it but everyone else does. It's not broken to them, only to everyone else. It's 100% repeatable.
  2. Posting this here for consistency sake. I'll use my car as the example, but this is relevant to any vehicle as far as I know. My Elegy fully upgraded, can hit around 202mph without hills. If I put my cruise control on 120mph, then turn the cruise control off, my top speed will now be 153mph, no matter what, even going down hill. It will keep that top speed limit as long as I keep driving the car. Re-logging fixes it. I believe storing in a garage also fixes it. As a mitigation to this, I've been telling people to not use cruise control in the mean time. Thanks!
  3. Sometimes when you stand at the the trunk and press /access, it opens the trunk but doesn’t give me the inventory box, so I have to do /access again so it closes the trunk but I get the inventory box now. All around it seems more random than anything I can replicate.
  4. When sitting at any job point where you are collecting the item, or processing the item, the green letters that appear ever few seconds indicating each item that's being processed or collected (brewing beer..) . If you have your k menu open when those green words pop up, it force closes your k menu. It's really hard to manage inventory while at a job point.
  5. Even after manually changing the language to English, the phone stays stuck on french.
  6. I've tested this multiple times just to double check it wasn't a one off thing. When I store a non damaged vehicle, in this case it's a Gallivanter LE, when I re-log and retrieve it, it will start out with 0 damage and no smoking to the engine, but if I drive like 100 feet, the engine suddenly becomes damaged and starts smoking. This is without hitting anything or having any cosmetic damage. This doesn't happen if I store and retrieve while staying logged in. This is costing me $2500 every time I log or re-log (which depending on FiveM could be a lot within the span of a few hours).
  7. Is it me or do NPCs randomly just like turn to dust when they are at a traffic light? Like the NPC just disappears but their car stays blocking traffic?
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