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    Signal 13 Gaming LEO Employment Training Requirements: Must have FiveM installed and tested prior to training. Make sure you can stay the entire duration of the training. Recruits who must leave early should inform the Instructors. Please make sure your Steam profile is set using [THP] First initial, last name | Unit# or [SCSO] First initial, last name | Unit# (EX: [SCSO] T. Costa | 9T-1 or [THP] S. Walker | 5C-1) Make sure you have studied the materials for your Department. All department information can be found in the TeamSpeak under THP Information or SCSO Information. (SOP, Department Roster, 10-Codes) A message from Field Training Supervisors: We wish you good luck and hope to see you pass, if you are feeling nervous our FTO Staff are compiled of some of the outstanding members this community has to offer. If you don't understand a certain instruction please ask because we are here to assist you to have a fun enjoyable learning experience. We don't wish to fail anyone, we will use methods of training designed and created for all and can modify certain scenarios to help a candidate understand better. If you struggle with learning difficulties please inform a member of the FTO Staff so that we can better assist you in the content learning phase of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Shelby County Sheriffs Office. -Kindest regards, S13 Field Training Division, Deputy Director P. Stewart, Sheriff T. Costa, Colonel S. Walker, Fire Chief S. Carrigan, Civilian Director T. Laken, Lieutenant(s) E. Woodruff, C. Muller, Sergeant(s) P. Goodwin, A. Thacker, J. Fletcher Note from the FTO: I will be conducting this training for 1-2 people, possibly more (will ping on discord) if more FTO's are available. This training will take place on the 10th of April at 4PM GMT (12PM EST, 11AM CST) and will approx take 2-3 hours. I appreciate your patience.
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