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  1. I understand the lack of RP lately. I believe that the community can exist with both a healthy level of RP (both illegal and legal) and while I don't represent any of the illegal opportunities in the server I believe if implemented sparingly and properly then its also possible the RP may become better. I.e. If a proper RPer only has one drug and maybe a few stores to rob (aside from a random pursuit or mugging) then I believe it can also hurt the RP side of things for both LEO, the criminal characters, and the community as a whole (even if RPed correctly and properly.) Overall, quality is more important than quality, but I would still love to see even just a couple more activities that may assist those who want to partake in serious RP both illegal and legal. Maybe implement these future activites ONLY in the WL server? With these next round of apps it would be nice to see our WL server grow larger and become more active. I hope it all works out! Thanks again for taking time to consider these things. Love you all. - Soap
  2. This is a list of mods I would like to see down the road in the server. Some may or may not have been removed from the server previously due to certain reasons. I may continue to add on to this list as time goes on. Custom Cars (GTR, Honda Civic Type R, Silvia, Selica, etc.) More illegal activities ((gun running with extended cool down time, more drug variation (i.e. coke, meth, crack, etc.), store robberies, home invasions (breaking into local houses), chop shops, etc.))
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