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  1. I agree. Would make it way more legit, please remove. H. Beck | 9T-19
  2. Hello, I could see how this would work. Put a public garage there, only issue with that, is people would park there vehicles. So, maybe instead do a private garage, and only have certain people have access maybe by Steam ID or Steam Hex. Would be a lot of work because if it was added for Fire Stations it would have to be done with all the Hospitals and the Police Stations around the map. Thanks, H. Beck | 9T-19
  3. Of course and I see why you want trunks because there is a valid reason. I know there is a suggestion someone put like last week and it was being able to preview a car being able to see it's details, trunk, top speed, acceleration. There was another one where someone asked if there was a way to let them test drive the vehicle. The last one I saw was I believe they wanted there to be certain trunk space, so like if you bought like a huge semi or something it would hold a lot of the supply you are transporting compared to a nice sports car not having much trunk space at all. Your Welcome, H. Beck | 9T-19
  4. Hello guys, I was in this community a few months ago, I am back now. That is not the point. The playerlist a few months ago told you how many cops and ems were on, possibly the amount of taxis as well not sure. My opinion is that this most likely shouldn't get added in and probably won't be added back in because it is a huge way to meta game and will probably be abused. You shouldn't just be able to "know" how many cops and ems are online you shouldn't need to know how many there are to roleplay on the server, due to how many legal options there are. Thanks, H. Beck | 9T-19
  5. Hello, This could be added. But there are things that take priority to get into the server like things that are super important for the server. I see your point a ton of people want this too. Thanks, H. Beck | 9T-19
  6. I created another post, that talks about having options to disable OOC Messages and Player Join Names. You should go check it out.
  7. Okay, will do thanks Costa.
  8. Yep, I hear you man, sometimes money is what gets people to be active. But the way I see it is that if you need money to be active and do the job you applied for and put time into, then I don't see what the point of applying was. Thanks, H. Beck | 9T-19
  9. Hello Eddie, I agree with you it would be great if we could disable OOC messages as well. H. Beck | 9T-19
  10. Well, that is interesting. Not sure how that would be possible. H. Beck | 9T-19
  11. My 2 senses on this, I am with @Humannpower with the thing about how many calls we get, we do want to go to every call get engaged with a lot of people have lots of fun roleplay senarios, but when calls stack up we just go one by one down the last. Now with the whole Police & EMS pay increase, with me I could care less whether we get a pay increase or not, the Police & EMS are simply there for the roleplay flow, maybe some Police & EMS care about how much money they get but I could careless. The reason I say this is because the Police not sure about the EMS but the Police our money is spent on practically nothing, and we can only spend it on cars and food, if we get nice cool fast cars we cannot even drive them fast or recklessly because if we do and we get caught we get disciplined within the department because we are expected to uphold the laws not break them. Best Regards, H. Beck | 9T-19
  12. Hey, I would like if there was like a menu, or a command that people could use to disable or enable the join messages (the character names in chat everytime someone joins the game and selects their character), they get annoying because a lot of people join the game. Thanks, H. Beck | 9T-19
  13. I am sure this is not possible to code or actually be done in Grand Theft Auto 5. If this was to be done, it would have to be for everyone. Where AI would just "ignore" everyone. H. Beck | 9T-19
  14. I believe there is already a K9 Unit for the THP. I am not sure if they use it that often. H. Beck | 9T-19
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