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  1. I agree with this. It will force people to have to use first person and ADS. Only the Taser should have the dot since you can't ADS with it.
  2. I'd like to suggest the Heli Pad entrance be moved from the lower entrance to inside the hospital possibly behind the receptionist desk because it's odd having to bring them around to the front after landing at Pillbox. Also I'd like to suggest that the bottom entrance be used as an actual entrance to pillbox. Another nice addition would be a vehicle spawn point for Fire & Rescue since our vehicles like to despawn when we pull a Heli out.
  3. Is it possible to put in some actual scuba gear instead of having to toggle the re-breather in order to do water rescues? Also can we get a rescue dinghy that we can spawn in when we need it to help with water rescues?
  4. I'd like to suggest that we do away with a persons ability to just hit E whenever they're in a downed state to automatically send a call. From a role playing perspective it's a bit annoying that almost every call we get just says Coma. So instead of the box coming up to saying Press E to call for help it will say to dial /911 ems and the reason for the emergency. This will help when we RP contacting dispatch when responding to the call and if we have multiple calls it allows us to prioritize them.
  5. Love the addition of /me but one small problem. when in a vehicle the /me is tiny compared to when it's used while on foot.
  6. I agree that this would be helpful
  7. Not sure if it's possible or if it would be difficult but I think it would be a nice perk to be able to have a billboard in game replaced with one of your own design when you donate a certain amount of money and you get it for a month.
  8. I disagree with knowing how many cops are on duty. If people know how many are on duty this may incentivize them doing illegal activities, robbing people, or driving around like it's GTA online. I don't see a problem knowing how many mechanics or EMS are duty because then people may chill out with asking how long before FIRE/EMS or a mechanic gets to them in /ooc.
  9. With how much /ooc gets spammed I wouldn't be opposed to people having a limit on how much they can use /ooc within a given time.
  10. Pretty much the titles says it all. After getting confirmation that FIRE/EMS is allowed to carry a Taser while on Duty to help deal with the locals and rowdy Civilians while on scene we discovered that when we do go on Duty it disappears from the weapon wheel and can't be selected at all.
  11. Yeah I've had this problem as well with any job I've worked so far including EMS. Another thing that's annoying is if we crash or get disconnected we lose access to our personal vehicle unless we go back to the last garage we had the vehicle in. If we get back in the car it will say we don't have the keys to the vehicle.
  12. Pay really isn't the problem it's the fact that police and EMS are being ran ragged with the amount of calls we get. We want to RP each scenario we come across but with calls stacking up quick and people filling up /ooc with wanting to know where we are it gets stressful. For instance the server was restarted last night due to some issues. The server hadn't been up for more than 5 minutes before EMS calls started coming in and Police were receiving reports of shots fired. So all in all pay isn't the problem it's the quality of some of the people that are joining the server that is the problem. Unfortunately that can't be fixed without completely whitelisting the server which would be unfortunate because I've come across quite a few great people that are randoms.
  13. What controller are you using? I'm using an Xbox 360 controller and found that this was happening when I was pressing a button on my keyboard while pressing the RT on it as well.
  14. I think it would be a nice improvement if we could have the /me setup to be similar to how it is on NoPixel. If you're unfamiliar with how NoPixel does /me they have it set to where it shows around the waist of the person doing it. I feel this would help improve RPing scenarios since it's easier to see it in the middle of your screen rather than having to watch out for it in the text box in the upper left hand corner.
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