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  1. we may have scuba gear now with the new wardrobe, if we could just save sets and get a boat we would be set
  2. any chance now we can custom our outfits have it somehow made so we can save clothing sets so we can save outfits as Med, Fire, Sea / Air and off duty even if we have to go to the station and load them as if you go as fire it reverts you back to default custom character ?
  3. I agree with Hunter you don't know how many are on duty in your town / city IRL
  4. One would think it could be done and linked to ID's permitted to go on as Fire / EMS / cop
  5. More server restarts would probably clean the ID list and abandoned cars
  6. isn't that what twitter is for
  7. I was laughing hard but then I just cracked up ROFL, has a gun gets ass whooping by 2 unarmed girls, shoots a girl in the back that's running away, oh that's some funny stuff there.
  8. Near on what i was thinking sell the abandoned NPC cars and impound players both getting the "tow truck" driver extra cash instead of selling wine or wood ect... I could handle doing that al day
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