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  1. /hat command i can fix The vehicles despawning again is a FiveM issue.
  2. Hey guys, So there is a default garage (it's in the city) ...this is where your vehicle is stored once you purchase it. It looks like that garage is full. I would try moving some of your vehicles around to different public garages to save room. If this doesn't work and the problem is still there...let us know in this post. Thanks! Austin
  3. Do we know if this issue has been fixed or not??
  4. Yeah, I noticed that this morning, looks like it could be happening since I added the ped to the animation script. I'll just have to remove it for now. Thanks! Austin
  5. You cant drive stolen vehicles anymore unless you have the keys. Only way to get the keys is to use a lock pick and hotwire it. I'll look into vehicle speeds..thanks.
  6. Thanks! I'll take a look when I can, probably will not be today though.
  7. Please follow the template below in order for your report to eve be looked at by administration. Your Name: Player Name: Do they need to be banned? Why are you reporting this player? Thanks, S13 Administration
  8. We have two admins that manage S13. A. Moylan 1A-1 – Is solely responsible for Development, Website, Server and Teamspeak. All developmental questions, suggestions or issues are to be reported directly to him only. This includes such things as bug reports, server upgrades, additions to server outside department items and general development questions. Remember all issues, suggestions, questions should be reported by using the forums on website. P. Stewart 1A-2 – Is solely responsible for all departments (Police/Fire/EMS/Civilian). All department questions, suggestions or issues are to be reported directly to him only. This includes such things as questions about departments, issues with HOD’s or high command staff, suggestions for departments, suggestions of additions to department items such as Cars/Weapons/Uniforms/Skins. Remember all server additions outside of department items go to Austin. Both Admins jointly handle serious personal issues such as Harassment, racism and sexual harassment/misconduct. For non-serious personal issues, you need to follow the Chain of Command in your respective department and follow your SOP’s.
  9. A. Moylan

    Mandatory Patrol

    Patrol times are in CST (Central Standard Time).
  10. Yeah, maybe in the future I will add vehicle inventory to rentals. The reason I haven't, is so the database doesn't get cluttered. Public Garages are in Red and Personal Garages (ones you buy) are in blue. Also, properties are available for purchase and come with their own personal garages. (They're expensive though and you have to pay a morgage.)
  11. No, vehicle inventory is coding to only work with "owned" vehicles. The trunk is locked by default on rental and non-owned vehicles. Once you gain enough money to buy a personal vehicle, then you will be able to open the trunk and store items.
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