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Antony Lowes

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  1. As requested the character name is Antony Lowes and is in slot 1! Thanks
  2. Probably just another OneSync issue again
  3. Wouldn't be the best idea with the fines because of FailRPers and the NPCs are always crazy as hell.
  4. If it hasn't gone I am sure it wouldn't take long for Austin to give you that one, will have to enquire that with him though.
  5. When I was filling up it said that you owned the one right on the corner of route 68. This was after Austin fixed the issue too.
  6. Requesting lock, Austin confirmed the system on his stream.
  7. I was going around and looking for a gas station to rent and I found a few and none of them work for the renting option, it doesn't give no message just doesn't let you do it. Really wanna own this certain one before it goes. Do you know when this will be fixed?
  8. No it is a trunk and the price has been lowered
  9. If it has been lowered it means that you will be making about 5k every run which takes about 30 mins. @Slaty
  10. Since the amount of items have been lowered that you can store surely the payout should go up for driving one side of the map to the other, thats just my opinion.
  11. Just keep an eye on the discord
  12. The server has been purposely taking down because of a hacker and also for stages of protection.
  13. Signal 13 is at 64 slots rn which is normally unstable for FiveM but the staff team has managed to make it stable with that amount of slots. Currently FiveM only allows 64 players at the maximum. Most servers are only 32.
  14. On Tuesday the 9th of April, I took my Black Cogneseti Cabrio round to the mechanic to get a few things tuned up. This was turbo and maximum brakes, this cost me 92000. After these were applied and payed for I then took my car and was on my way back to the public garage. As I was on the way I pulled into LSC to change the colour of my car to white and change the wheels and other assortments on my car which added up to around 8000. After I leave the LSC I got halfway back to the garage when the server / game crashed. When I rejoined the server my car was completely reset. I thought maybe It was just the cosmetic changes that didn't save. I then took thr car to the mechanics to check and they confirmed that the performance upgrades were gone. Overall I lost $100000 in cosmetic & performance upgrades. Following from another post I noticed that Austin requested the users hex ID so to save time and incase you need it mine is: 11000013257a357 alongside my in-game name was Antony Lowes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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