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  1. Title, basically. I have 3 characters now all tied to the same phone. Makes it a little awkward when trying to RP completely different people. Just a thought! Thanks.
  2. With how the economy is in the city, everything is cheaper than what it should be. Someone new to the city can run a lumber job once, 20 minutes of work, and suddenly have a sports car. Who needs a taxi? I bring that up to make a point - guns are over-saturated. Everyone has one. New people to the city can just go pick one up in 10-20 minutes. I suggest the price be exponentially increased on weapons and/or introduce a system separate from the ammunation spots. My suggestion would be some way for one or two TRUSTED community members/civilians (not tied to LEO because that would be meta as hell) to be 'Gun Runners' in character, who get supplies of guns and can push them out to the streets in fluid Roleplay. These members (Civ managers? Maybe?) would have to be wise enough to not sell guns to random shitlords, but have the unique position of deciding who is a decent RP'er and won't abuse a gun. Just an idea I had.
  3. I'd like to suggest a removal of the dot that appears when ADS'ing weapons. (I'd call it a crosshair.. but it's not a crosshair.) If necessary/possible maybe tie it to the police job and EMS for use of their tazers. I feel this would probably help with RDM and add to RP.
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