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  4. Version 1.3.4


    You will need the following plugin for your teamspeak to join our Public RP Server. You can find instructions on how to get started below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ER9MgGb71YdCSshAY43zAfZnCgjPV2Q-RaiXNjmcY2c/edit?usp=sharing
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  6. Crowd Control Car Club Applications!


  7. Tyler Costa

    LEO Training

    Signal 13 Gaming LEO Employment Training Requirements: Must have FiveM installed and tested prior to training. Make sure you can stay the entire duration of the training. Recruits who must leave early should inform the Instructors. Please make sure your Steam profile is set using [THP] First initial, last name | Unit# or [SCSO] First initial, last name | Unit# (EX: [SCSO] T. Costa | 9T-1 or [THP] S. Walker | 5C-1) Make sure you have studied the materials for your Department. All department information can be found in the TeamSpeak under THP Information or SCSO Information. (SOP, Department Roster, 10-Codes) A message from Field Training Supervisors: We wish you good luck and hope to see you pass, if you are feeling nervous our FTO Staff are compiled of some of the outstanding members this community has to offer. If you don't understand a certain instruction please ask because we are here to assist you to have a fun enjoyable learning experience. We don't wish to fail anyone, we will use methods of training designed and created for all and can modify certain scenarios to help a candidate understand better. If you struggle with learning difficulties please inform a member of the FTO Staff so that we can better assist you in the content learning phase of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Shelby County Sheriffs Office. -Kindest regards, S13 Field Training Division, Deputy Director P. Stewart, Sheriff T. Costa, Colonel S. Walker, Fire Chief S. Carrigan, Civilian Director T. Laken, Lieutenant(s) E. Woodruff, C. Muller, A. Thacker, Sergeant(s) C. McMahan
  8. Set up that mustang club BOIIII. My car bb needs friends to vroom with

  9. Thanks! I'll be sure to write these down so I don't forget. Also, is there a way to tow/haul things like lawn mowers and such in trucks? I have RP ideas for the future.
  10. It's Cruise control. You can press the G key to lock the speed you are at as your max. You will need to park in a garage and take it back out to take the cruise control off from what I know!
  11. K is your basic menu, F1 changes voice volume. If you spawn not in your clothes you can use /Givemeclothes to get your outfit back (Do this before entering a car or you will crash) /Money will show you what you have in your wallet, dirtymoney, and bank at the same time. /E (Option) will show you all of your emotes, Z will cancel any emote you have going. The 'Home' key will show you ID's and Players online (please done use this to Meta game though) Always press F1 When you enter the server so you dont hear everyone. Just a few i know!
  12. Hey there! Started playing last night so I figured I would make an account here and get myself more introduced to this community, everyone has been awesome so far. Question, are there any special keyboard keys I need to know of and tips while playing? Also, I noticed when attempting to hi-jack a car from a NPC, I was unable to drive due to "No Keys". I'm guessing that is something to do with the server?
  13. Id be ok with being a towtruck driver. Instead of the mechanic going on road calls, they could call a tow driver and he could deliver the vehicle to the mechanic shop.... or bring the car to a gas station..... Or just help with the transfer of cars to different garages.
  14. New cars go to pub garage1, make sure that specific garage isnt full.
  15. tbh, i did the same thing on a bennys lowrider. but i kept it because its a pretty cool car.... probably should have a yes or no question after you click
  16. you must of bought the car and thought it was good only to realize that the car was bad and now you want your money back?
  17. Upon logging off and back on you are not able to take a taxi out and do missions. You have to go back to the job center and quit, then re-get the taxi job to be able to do it. Just a heads up!
  18. Пластиковыми окнами сейчас никого не удивить, они устанавливаются практически везде — чрез магазинов и офисов до элитных квартир и трехэтажных особняков. Только сорт их совершенно различное. Если в начале своей «биографии» пластиковые окна представляли собой экзотические конструкции, пропорционально виду напоминавшие ухудшенный разночтение серийных деревянных, как принято говорить «совковых», а по качеству практически равнявшиеся им, то сообразно цене они явно выходили в премиальный сегмент. Однако в процессе развития технологий они превратились во совершенно конкурентоспособный товар, обладающий рядом уникальных свойств. а также вы можете купить окна пвх в минске в рассрочку Современные окна из профиля ПВХ — высокотехнологичный продукт, недорогой, качественный, удобный в эксплуатации и, который самое соль, ремонтопригодный. Если субститут створки тож стекла в деревянном окне представляет собой сложную и дорогостоящую процедуру (производители окон и дверей из натуральных материалов зачастую неоправдано завышают цены), то обещать разъединение пластикового окна совершенно доступно чтобы любого бюджета. Чтобы убедиться в качестве и высоких потребительских свойствах пластиковых окон, необходимо просто прочитать об их характеристиках в предлагаемой вашему вниманию статье и сравнить их с деревянными конструкциями. Текст носит далеко не рекламный характер — только объективная информация. Выбор приоритетов — за читателем. Здесь вы узнаете, как выбрать пластиковые окна, и почему одни конструкции лучше других.
  19. I was thinking about adding spike traps for police chases. I've heard there was a problem with fast cars and i think this can be helpfull for police chases. with good communication the spike traps can be placed at a location where the person who is escaping for the police will drive into.
  20. I'd suggest adding a place somewhere where you can get fakeplates or even buy cars without plates, so we dont have to use our cars with license plates for crimeRP
  21. Would be pretty cool to see Elegy Retro, Jester, Jester Classic, and Sentinel Classic in the server!
  22. Any movement on this? would this work? https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gtalua-outfit-saver-kmcgurty1-z00t
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